Domain renewal

Domains in your account can be renewed automatically or manually. Depending on the chosen renewal mode, the steps involved to renew your domain differ. In case your domain has been deleted, you can still recover.

Renewal modes

If the automatic renewal mode is enabled, the system will automatically create a renewal order and invoice. To renew the domain, simply pay the invoice and the domain will be renewed in real-time.

In case you have disabled the automatic renewal mode, the domain will expire at the end of the registration period, if not renewed manually.

Manage renewal mode

If you want to renew your domain automatically, simply enable the automatic renewal mode for each domain. This mode is the default one and is enabled for all new domain names.

  1. Login to the DIHOST client area.
  2. Navigate to DomainsMy Domains in the main menu.
  3. Click the domain you want to manage the renewal mode.
  4. Navigate to the Automatic renewal page in the left menu.

You will now see the current renewal mode configured for the chosen domain. If needed you can change it here.

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