Multi-year subscription (2 Year Limit)

The browser forum, an industry body made up of Certificate Authorities (CAs), web browsers and operating systems, recently passed ballot 193 to reduce the maximum validity period for SSL certificates to 2 years. Prior to this, the maximum validity was 3 years for Domain Validated (DV) and Organization Validated (OV) certificates; Extended Validation (EV) certificates have always been capped at 2 years.

The validity of a certificate obtained from us is therefore limited to a maximum of two years. In order to continue to benefit from discounts on multi-year orders, we offer the option of paying for certain certificates up to four years in advance. Before the expiry, we will contact you to replace your certificate with a new one with the maximum (left) duration.

For Domain Validated (DV) certificates a short verification of domains via email or HTTP hash file or DNS will be required to receive the new certificate files to update the server. The Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates require a short re-check and callback process.

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