SSH Access

In this article you will learn how to connect to your cloud server over SSH and how to manage your SSH accounts within the cloud panel.

SSH access is only available if you are using a Cloud M2 package or higher, or our dedicated packages.

The SSH configuration and user management can be found in the cloud panel.

  1. Login to the cloud panel.
  2. Navigate to Applications in the main menu.
  3. Click the application you would like to access over SSH.
  4. Expand the File Access menu item and click SSH Access.

Here you can find a list of all existing SSH accounts where you can also create a new one.

Create a new SSH account

To create the new SSH account, click the Create User button in the top right corner and fill out all fields in the newly opened pop-up window.

UsernameThis is the username of your SSH user account. Enter a descriptive name in order to recognize it later more easily.
PasswordEnter a strong password for the SSH user.
Confirm PasswordConfirm the previously entered password.

The new SSH account will be available within one minute.

Connecting to SSH server

To connect to your cloud server over SSH, create a new SSH user as described above. To be able to connect over SSH, you will have to enable access to port 22 from your IP address. To do so, please create a new firewall rule on the cloud server.

Navigate to Instances, click the server where the application is located, Security Settings.

Source IP AddressYour current external IP address

Now you can use a SSH client (eg. Puppy) to access your application over SSH.

Use the server hostname as the SSH host and port 22 to connect. When prompted enter the username and password of the previously created SSH account.

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