How to change contact details for .UK domains

All domain names are required to have accurate registrant contact information associated with them. Same applies to .CO.UK and .UK domain names, that are managed by a registry called Nominet. There are certain policies in place that prevent us from being able to update those domain contact information.

That means that you’ll need to login to Nominet on your own. Click the following link and login or create an account by selecting First time logging in or forgotten your password?.

Enter the email address you used to register the domain. Once it has been submitted, you’ll receive an email that you can use to create your account and password.

Changing the password on the Nominet website does not affect any passwords that you might be using with DIHOST services.

After log in, you’ll be shown a list of your .uk domain names. Choose which one you want to change the contact information for and Edit.

There are no administrative, technical and billing contacts for .UK domain names.

If you need help with any of these steps, please contact our customer support.

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