Add a new domain

To start using your website or to be able to migrate it to us, you first have to create a so-called application by adding a domain name to the cloud panel.. This article will guide you through each step.

  1. Login to the cloud panel.
  2. Navigate to Applications.
  3. Click Add Website on the top right corner.

You will now be presented a few fields required for the application setup.

Domain nameThe domain of your website that you want to add.
Custom descriptionHere you can enter a custom description that will be displayed in several places in the Cloud Panel.
Choose ServerChoose your cloud package or server on which you want to add the domain/website.

Finally, click the Add Website button.

The application has now been setup and you can …

  • Install WordPress or an other script using the Auto Installer.
  • Upload your existing website files using FTP access or filemanager.
  • Copy an existing application using the copy or backup/restore tools.
  • Migrate your website from your old hosting provider using our FTP copy option or request a free migration.

To finialize this task, you will have to point your domain to your cloud hosting server. Please see our domain configuration article for more information.

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